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Giving your organization the competitive edge with science-based weather expertise.

Relevant, insightful guidance is critical if clients are to make informed decisions that have excellent commercial outcomes. Global Weather Climate Analytics (GWCA) has been pioneering weather risk management solutions since 2003. Our sophisticated proprietary systems are underpinned by a rigorous science-based methodology. This ensures GWCA has an enviable reputation in the market for accurately predicting weather and climate risks well ahead of other services.

Sevices & support



GWCA supports operational efficiencies, safety and protection of assets, and the optimization of energy supplies via science-based solutions within a consulting framework.

We offer individually tailored solutions to suit client needs and operational objectives.

Clients include: Electricity and energy traders and generators, Renewables, Mining resources (LNG) and Soft commodities.

When consulting, a high emphasis is placed on evidence-based information underpinned by a robust scientific foundation. This ensures clients can move safely away from ambiguity in the market, towards a risk analysis and quantification model of risk management. 


GWCA offers consulting and weather intelligence for the Australian, New Zealand and Asian commodity markets. Clients include:  Major banking institutions, hedge funds, energy generators, and vertically integrated energy businesses.

Service packages include monitoring, analysing and predicting weather risks, black swan events, and their potential impacts on the market.


When it comes to supporting energy generators, GWCA is a leader in the field. We help to support grid stability by offering consulting services, and atmospheric physics expertise to support the implementation of weather risk practices and solutions into the risk management framework of major energy generators. 

To ensure clients can plan both efficiently and effectively, GWCA also provides tailored forecasts that address individual sites to ensure operational objectives can be met. This includes renewable energy forecasts for wind and solar power feed-in to individual sites, along with running water and temperature forecasts.


Clients can be supported with consulting services, exclusive updates and precise, up to the minute data. Such discussions promote further insights into the particulars behind numbers.  

Contact us today to find out more about our services.

Our values


GWCA delivers excellence in weather risk management, based on four primary values:

Innovation is about taking bold steps to implement new ideas and practices ahead of the rest of the market. Our innovative solutions place GWCA in front of the competition.

The quality of a product or service is determined by its accuracy and completeness. The accuracy of GWCA’s weather intelligence has been the cornerstone to building GWCA’s credibility in the market. 

The speed, agility and responsiveness of GWCA means you receive the best information before the news hits the market. 

GWCA maintains relevance by learning from the past and keeping an eye on the future. We have in-depth market knowledge and practical experience in weather intelligence and risk management. Our focus is to provide cutting edge solutions that generate wealth for our clients.


Weather is a fundamental driver in the energy sector and commodity markets. GWCA offers expert analysis and commentary that your competitors will never hear.

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Please direct all inquiries to:

Global Weather Climate Analytics

c/o Shop 5, Palm Court Shopping Centre
54 Walker St Bundaberg


Phone: +61 7 4348 3579

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